Friday, November 6, 2009

Kate had story time in her class (Mrs. Sanders) at the Little Scholars Preschool after the Halloween party. She was a little distracted from the book because myself, Ava, and Chloe were there. She was so happy we all got to see her classroom.
Kate had a little parade with her class to show off their costumes. Then they stopped and sang some songs they learned. Her favorites, "I'm a little fat witch named Rose" and "I looked out the window and saw punpkins rolling..." She knew all the actions, and she, and the two girls on either side of her were the ones singing the loudest. It was so cute and entertaining. I videotaped the whole thing!

Ava was just as excited for Kate's party, as Kate was. She wanted to dress up to-so she did. We loved seeing Kate at her school, and I'm sure Ava is getting excited to start preschool someday too. :)