Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Modeling Dream

For many years now, I have wanted to model. It all started way back when I was young, and I loved Vogue Magazine. As I got older, I watched Americas Next Top Model, and wished I could be on it. I saw how difficult it was to accomplish the tasks they were given, but loved the outcome of the pictures that were taken. They were all so beautiful, and I would love the tips Tyra would give.
After having my 3rd baby girl I felt "taken." My hard tummy had been stretched out, my brain cells sucked out, and now all of my energy gone. I wondered on a daily basis what it would be like to be myself again. I had forgotten my inner beauty. I remember being jealous of my baby because she was so pretty and would get all the attention. No one would even look at me. More than once, when I WAS noticed, I was asked when "I was due." That simply made more pain inside me, and depression started to settle in. Rob tried to make me feel better, but it just wasn't the same. I wasn't happy.
As my girls got older, I realized my dream was still in me. I still wanted to be a model. I wanted to be in Vogue. I wanted to prove to myself I could be that girl that was forgotten. I got on the internet and looked up modeling companies in the SL area. I found one that looked good and went.
To my surprise the woman that spoke to me seemed as though they had been looking for someone with my look. She told me I was "pretty with a unique look" and "Something they needed." She actually asked me if I would be willing to gain 5 lbs and be a plus size model. Although the thought of modeling sounded fun, I knew I wasn't happy with my weight and heath status, and asked her how much I'd need to lose to be a regular size model. She replied that a size 4-6 is what they usually are, but then she added, but that would take a long time and be really hard to get down to considering I was just five lbs away from being a plus size model. I would have to lose 12 sizes. She continued on saying I would be better off if I took acting classes (since it was recommended for modeling anyway)I remember telling her,I'll come back when I'm a 4.
I went home, contacted the office about acting classes, and took a 5 week course. They put my head shot in the website and I was "good to go" for that area. I never got a call for work, which I was told I would, but it never bugged me anyway, because I don't/didn't want to be an actress.
A year after that in early November,I remember talking to my husband and saying how much I wanted to model. I told him it was not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. I told him, if the woman from the agency had called me and told me she wanted me to do a runway next month I would workout and eat right and lose the last 8 lbs I had left with no trouble at all. He simply said, "then why don't you just do it?"...yeh.why don't I "just do it?" I wanted it for so long. I knew I could. I JUST HAD TO DO IT. I started the next morning. It was all I could think about all night. I woke up, made some eggs and toast and hit the treadmill. 2 hours a day. Continued to walk the treadmill for several months.(keeping my heart rate at 145-155 to lose the weight)My meals consisted of salads, chicken,protein shakes,eggs, lots of veggies,and more chicken..
June 2011 our family went to the always exciting Orem Summerfest. People were coming up to me time and again saying how I was "looking great" and asking what I was doing. It made me feel good.I had gotten down to 11 % body fat, 133 lbs, and was looking nice and toned.
I called into the modeling agency, asked when the next runway training course would take place. I showed up, learned, and did a really great job. Mothers watching complemented me, the instructor used me as a positive example of what the walk should look like, and when she said we need to have a sassy face I knew just how to do it. THANKS TYRA! ;)
It has now been 6 moths or so since then. I am happily maintaining a healthy diet, and continuing to exercise. The HAPPY ME is back! I am happy to say I've been on the runway not once..but twice, and have done a lot of modeling. I recently talked to a girl who knew more than I did about Vogue modeling. She said her friend who was a size 00 was too big. Okay.. that's not what I'm looking for. I want to keep my curves and my health. So who knows...maybe I can be in a walmart catalog someday. ;) Glad to say, my dreams have come true.Now on to the new ones... :)