Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a Nightmare

I've been having bad dreams lately...
yesterday I drempt I got my guitar stolen in a high school. I was just happy to wake up and know it wasn't real.
Last night I had a dream we (Rob and I) were down stairs spending some time with some old friends, and I guess we fell asleep there. When we woke, (In the dream) we went out their front door. There was some pizza crust on their porch. ( I guess that's how we knew we weren't home)
We went out and saw that our door was open and the screen was shut. I saw myself standing in front of the door thinking "The door was left open. Any one could have come in during the night. They could have done something to my kids... then the door started to open ( I guess it was shut now) I saw a man standing there. I screamed because I knew he was there to hurt the kids. Then I woke in real life, to my mouth being open from screaming, but no sound had come out. It was a horrifying dream to imagine something had happened to my sweet little babies.
I hope tomorrow I will have a better dream. -and I'm not even eating any pickles before bed-;)
I'm so happy I could wake up and see these beautiful little faces, and know they were safe.


  1. Officially not cool! How scary! I'm sorry. Don't worry, good dreams are bound to come back- hopefully sooner than later.

  2. I'm glad that was only a dream! Beautiful picture of the girls. Love Ava's smile!

  3. Dang!!! Maybe you SHOULD eat a pickle before bed... if that's what happens when you don't! ;) I'm sure you'll have a better dream. Every now and then you've gotta get those bad ones out of your system.

  4. Those are some beautiful girls. Glad everyone is safe and sound. :)