Thursday, February 11, 2010

My baby's blessings

So I told ROb when we moved I was missing a bunch of pictures...
He got on the computer and tried to find them last night, and said we were missing a year and 3 months worth. I was SO DEVISTATED!! That was the year my baby was born..and when she was blessed...and and and...

And then he found them...Ahhh...:) I wanted to post a picture of each of my kids from their blessings. They are all pretty much the same age in these, just so interesting how similar they look to eachother. This one is of Kate (2005)

Ava (2007)

And Chloe (2009) Oh.. Thank you Rob for being so smart, and finding all our sweet baby pictures. What would I do without you?


  1. Very cute! Love those girls :)

    Good party yesterday too. It was fun to see you all!

  2. These ARE beautiful pictures!!! ***:D*** I'm SOOO glad that you didn't loose any pictures!!! That's such an awful feeling. I remember when I once erased a video of Baby Chomp on my camera by accident and I CRIED and CRIED. Bleck. Glad that's not what happened to you!!! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!